BLAZE Multiphysics™ Features

General Features

  • MPI-based parallel, highly scalable, multiphysics simulation engine.
  • Library of interoperable finite volume models.
  • Solve using steady-state, pseudo-steady-state, transient, and variable time steps temporal schemes.
  • Compatible with free, powerful, open-source grid generation and post-processing software.
  • Compatible with state of the art commercial grid generation and post-processing software.
  • User extendable – create and compile new models to work in tandem with provided engine/models.
  • Large demonstration/verification/validation case library.
  • Compatible with most modern systems, Windows, Macintosh, Unix/Linux, Distributed Memory Clusters.
  • Large and well validated gas specie database.
  • Large and well validated gas- plasma- and photo-kinetic chemistry database.


  • Compatible with multiple grid formats (Gmsh *.msh, Nastran Bulk Data *.bdf, VTK *.vtk, / *.cgns compatibility coming soon) and with multiple freeware and commercial grid generators.
  • Compatible with structured/unstructured 2- and 3-D grids.
  • Compatible with triangle and quadrilateral first-order, two-dimensional elements, and the tetrahedron, hexahedron, prism, and pyramid, first-order, three-dimensional elements.
  • Automated decomposition for parallel execution.
  • Sub-divide grids and solve certain models on only user-defined portions, other models on full grid.
  • High-order flux schemes with multiple flux blending schemes.

Temporal Resolution

  • Solve using steady-state, pseudo-steady-state, transient, and variable time steps temporal schemes.
  • 1st - 4th order accurate fully implicit time accurate schemes available with the fixed time step transient solver.

User Modification

  • Create, compile, and call your own powerful finite volume models from BLAZE using a provided API.
  • BLAZE simulation engine handles all I/O, parallelism, memory management, parallel sparse linear system solution schemes, etc.
  • Create, compile and call custom grid parsers.
  • Gas Specie and Chemistry Library


  • Compatible multiple post-processing tools including the free, open-source, powerful ParaView or VisIt via various output data formats.
  • Quickly analyze coupled results from steady-state and transient simulations.